Nonviolence For Our Future

A day of dialogue, learning, and experiences to mark the International Day of Nonviolence (October 2nd)

Saturday, Oct 5, 2024   

Understanding Violence

Violence is a frequently employed mode for maintaining power and imposing one’s will over others. It has become pervasive in all aspects of our lives: in the economy; in politics; in religion; in institutions;  in education; in culture. It permeates our interpersonal relationships as well -- with our neighbors, our colleagues, even our loved ones. While the use of violence continues to be justified, on all sides, it is clear that the violence is oppressing  people and making us lose faith in the future.    

If human beings are to continue evolving, we need to find a way to move beyond violence.

Why Nonviolence?

Nonviolence is more than pacifism or civil disobedience. Fundamentally, it is an attitude that seeks to give responses that disrupt - and ultimately transform - the violence. It is creative, courageous, and forward-thinking. 

This attitude:

Nonviolence offers the only valid path toward social and personal transformation.  It is not coincidental that most NV leaders have also been great moral and spiritual leaders.

Why A Day for Nonviolence? 

There are many ways in which nonviolence is embedded in how we work and interact,and many everyday people in our community who exemplify this nonviolent attitude. The organizers want to acknowledge and celebrate what these people and groups are already doing.

Nonviolence for our Future is an annual event at the Hudson Valley Park in commemoration of the International Day of Nonviolence established by the UN (October 2).  We will gather people from the greater Kingston community for a day of panels, workshops, ceremonies, and performances that deepen our understanding of nonviolence and inspire us in our daily lives. We will also be implementing an awards ceremony the evening before, recognizing local leaders who exemplify the nonviolent attitude in their work. 

For more information or if interested in participating, please contact