Hudson Valley Park of Study and Reflection

The Hudson Valley Park of Study and Reflection (HVP) is an open space where people dedicated to the construction of a better world can gather, study, exchange ideas, and get inspired. It is place for nurturing the human spirit, promoting reconciliation and creating community. 

HVP provides the optimum environment for people to have an internal experience, learn new tools and practices to help them in their daily lives, and strengthen their action in the world. In particular, HVP was founded to:

The Park is available for individual reflection, meditation and ceremonies, for group study (workshops, seminars, presentations), and for social events and celebrations (see Activities).

HVP was founded by volunteer members of the Humanist Movement and The Communities of Silo’s Message, the social and spiritual currents inspired by Silo. Both groups share a methodology of active nonviolence and a proposal for personal change as a function of social transformation, and  work for the humanization of the earth from a new sensitivity and a new spirituality whose main principle is "treat others as you want them to treat you."

Hudson Valley Park is located in the town of Esopus near Kingston and New Paltz, 90 miles north of New York City.