HVP is available for individual reflection and meditation, for group study (workshops, seminars), for panels and presentations, and for social events and celebrations.  As we are volunteer-operated, HVP is only open at select times. Please check out our calendar.

Personal Mediation/Reflection

The Park is available for personal meditation and reflection. Enjoy the paths through the woods on our five acres, sit by the cascade, or spend time within our domed mediation hall. 

Workshops & Seminars

We offer a variety of seminars and experiential workshops on themes such as Self-Knowledge; Active Nonviolence; Reconciliation; Internal Tools; Guided Experiences; 7 Days of Asking; Universalist Humanism, Direct Communication, and Unity and Contradiction .

A Day of Reflection & Celebration

This annual event takes place every year on May 4th (or the closest weekend) and commemorates “The Healing of Suffering,” Silo’s first public speech given in 1969. A day of sharing food, ceremonies, and personal testimonies inspired by the life and works of Silo

Seasonal Gatherings 

Seasonal Gatherings take place every solstice and equinox and are dedicated to celebrating the change of seasons. These are social and spiritual vents with shared meals, ceremonies, hiking and discussions.  A perfect time to take a pause and enjoy the best of all worlds: nature, spirituality, meditation and meeting like-minded people.

Special Commemoration: 

Special; events commemorating milestones such as Hiroshimo Day (August) and the International Day of Nonviolence (October).