Parks of Study and Reflection

HVP is one of more than 60 autonomous parks around the world that were started in response to the growing personal, social and political crises of this era. In times such as these, it is easy for people to lose faith in themselves, in institutions, and in humanity. There are great changes underway in the world, but in what direction will it all go? 

The work carried out at HVP and other Parks of Study & Reflection aims to reinforce a belief in humankind’s potential, to regain faith in ourselves, in others and in the possibility of change, and to engage people in the project of building a more human and nonviolent world. They help people to connect to the sacred within themselves in and in the world around them.

The Parks of Study and Reflection have been initiated, financed and built by the people who participate in the Humanist Movement and in Communities of Silo's Message. Although  the Parks share common aspirations, elements and goals, each park has complete economic and operational autonomy.

The design of the Parks includes the following buildings and monuments:

For a more detailed presentation of these elements and their historical antecedents, please see the       PowerPoint presentation below.

The first Park of Study & Reflection, Punta de Vacas Park, considered the Historical Park, is located at the confluence of three rivers and three mountain ranges in northern Argentina. The Park is situated on the spot where Silo gave his first public address, entitled "The Healing of Suffering,"  on May 4, 1969.

Full list of Parks of Study and Reflection