A Message from Hudson Valley Park

As members and friends of the Center of Studies and Reflection, Hudson Valley Park, we extend our deepest concern and wishes of well-being to all of you.  Everyone of us is profoundly touched by the challenges of this moment and, while we are not gathering as a group at the Park until it is safe to do so, we want to extend our deepest desire for the well-being of our community and planet at large.  There is no place where these heartfelt wishes for healing and reconciliation cannot reach.

No matter who you are, or what your circumstances, you are never truly alone.  As Silo stated so beautifully in The Path:  “Do not imagine that you are alone in your village, in your city, on the Earth, or among the infinite worlds”.  Each one of us has a Purpose here, guided by the best intentions and aspirations that lies deep in the heart of every human being.

So let us ask for all of our loved ones, known and unknown, who need our need help in this moment.  Let us ask for all the “front liners”, the people who are today’s heroes—with their vocation of healing and caring for others.  Let us ask for those people who are also frightened, sick, or anxious because the future is uncertain.   That they, and all of us, be comforted.

And let us ask for the world–that we all learn something vitally important from this crisis.  And that we learn to discover how to build a new reality—one based on love and compassion, launched toward the future.  A future that moves towards a universal human nation in which every human is honored for their uniqueness as part of our one, diverse, global family.

Campaña Internacional de Recaudación de Fondos en Apoyo al Parque de Estudio y Reflexión del Valle del Hudson

Conviértete en un protagonista y ayúdanos a construir la primera Sala en los Estados Unidos, cerca de la ciudad de Nueva York.

Después de 8 años de proceso, en enero de 2019 el Municipio de Esopus aprobó el cambio de uso del Parque de residencial a educativo sin fines de lucro. Esto nos permite completar el Parque, incluyendo la Sala.

Desde que compramos la propiedad en 2010, la hemos estado transformando en el Parque que imaginamos. La casa existente se convirtió en el Centro de Trabajo. Las colinas y las zonas boscosas sirven como lugares de contemplación. Un taller ofrece actividades experienciales “prácticas”. Se han construido elementos arquitectónicos sagrados comunes a todos los parques, incluyendo la estela y la fuente.

Ahora estamos a pocos pasos de completar nuestro Parque con la construcción de la Sala; un monolito que conecta la tierra con el cielo; y haciendo las reformas necesarias para que el Centro de Trabajo sea accesible y operativo.

Estamos felices de que Hudson Valley Park pronto cumplirá su destino como un parque geo-histórico cuyo faro puede brillar por todas partes.

Fases de construcción:

  • Fase I: Fosas sépticas, (video), alcantarillado, aparcamiento (mayo – julio de 2019)
  • Fase II: Codificación del edificio existente; monolito (julio – octubre de 2019)
  • Fase III: Construcción de la Sala (principios de 2020)

Con estas adiciones, estaremos preparados para inaugurar el Parque en junio de 2020.

Fases financieras:
Nuestra meta total es de $250,000 que hemos dividido en varias fases.

  • Fase 1: Campaña financiera concluida con éxito (80.000 dólares).
  • Fase 2: Campaña Internacional: Meta $40.000 (mayo de 2019)
  • Fase 3: Campaña de crowdfunding en EE.UU. por $25K
  • Fase 4: Enero-marzo 2020: campaña internacional de 40.000 dólares y nacional de 40.000 dólares

Amigos viejos y nuevos harán esto posible a través de sus contribuciones y esfuerzos.


Las donaciones pueden ser enviadas en efectivo o transferidas a una cuenta dedicada. En ambos casos, escriba a Emiko Nagano emiko4nagano@gmail.com para informarle sobre su donación.

Donaciones con PayPal. Gracias por su apoyo!


La lista completa de los colaboradores será grabada en la estela (cupo de $500).

Hoy, le invitamos a formar parte de la historia siempre en evolución del Parque.

International Fundraising Campaign in Support of the Hudson Valley Park of Study and Reflection

Become a protagonist and help us build the first Sala in the US, near New York City.

After 8 years of process, on January 2019 the Town of Esopus approved the change of use of the Hudson Valley Park of Study and Reflection from residential to educational non-profit. This allows us to complete the Park, including the Sala.

Since we bought the property in 2010, we have been transforming it into the Park we envision. The existing house became the Center of Work. The hills and wooded areas serve as places of contemplation. A workshop provides “hands-on” experiential activities. Sacred architectural elements common to all Parks have been built including the stele and the fountain.

Now we are just a few steps away from completing our Park with the construction of the Sala; a monolith connecting the earth to the sky; and doing the necessary renovations that will make the Center of Work accessible and operational.

We are happy that Hudson Valley Park will soon fulfill its destiny as a geo-historical park whose beacon can shine far and wide.

Construction Phases:

  • Phase I:  Septic system (video), drainage system, parking area (May – July 2019)
  • Phase II: Bringing existing building to code; monolith (July – October 2019)
  • Phase III: Construction of Sala (early 2020)

With these additions, we will be prepared to inaugurate the Park on June 2020.

Financing Phases:
Our total goal to is $250,000 which we have broken down into several phases.

  • Phase 1: financial campaign successfully completed ($80,000).
  • Phase 2: International Campaign: $40K (beginning May 2019)
  • Phase 3: Crowdfunding campaign IN US for 25K
  • Phase 4: Jan – March 2020:  $40K international and $40K national campaign

Friends old and new will make this possible through your contributions and efforts.


Donations can be sent in cash or transferred to a dedicated account. In both cases please write to Emiko Nagano emiko4nagano@gmail.com to let her know about your donation.

Donate with PayPal. Thanks for your support!


The complete list of contributors will be engraved on the stele (quota of $500).

Today, we invite you to become part of the ever-unfolding story of the Hudson Valley Park

Help us Celebrate our 9th Anniversary and welcome in the Summer!

“Learn to resist the violence that is within you and outside of you.
Learn to recognize the signs of the sacred that is within you and outside of you”

Located in our beautiful Park and Retreat Center, it will be a special day to celebrate and welcome the Summer season with friends.

1170 State Hwy 213, Kingston, NY

Saturday, June 22, 2019, 3 PM to 7 PM

rsvp dennisredmond@gmail.com

50th Anniversary of Silo’s First Public Speech “Healing of Suffering”

You are Invited to the 50th Anniversary of Silo’s First Public Speech “The Healing of Suffering”! 1969-2019
“True wisdom is in the depth of your consciousness, as true love is in the depth of your heart.”

Located in our beautiful Park and Retreat Center, it will be a special and festive day of meeting with friends, with a video presentation of the speech, walks in the park, conversations, and ceremonies (meditations).

RSVP to rsvpmay182019@gmail.com

1170 State Hwy 213, Kingston, NY


Saturday, May 18, 2019, 11 AM to 5 PM
Hudson Valley Park of Study & Reflection
1170 Route 213, Kingston NY 12401

$20 (includes food)

More info or RSVP to rsvpmay182019@gmail.com

Spirituality and Personal Growth: A one-day workshop – March 16

We invite you to join us in a participatory workshop to learn and deepen our experience in relaxation, meditation and reflection. These three practices are part of a process that lead us to greater internal connection, calm and clarity. The workshop focuses on direct experience, personal comprehension, small group discussion and overcoming difficulties that we encounter on the path.

The workshop will be held at the retreat center in the beautiful Hudson Valley Park of Study and Reflection, Esopus, New York.

We will practice meditations from Silo’s Message, a book that speaks of “a new spirituality awakening from its deep sleep to nurture the best aspirations of the human being…”

Saturday, March 16, 2019, 11 AM to 5 PM
Hudson Valley Park of Study & Reflection
1170 Route 213, Kingston NY 12401

Suggested donation: $20 (Bring your lunch and something to share.  Coffee, tea and snacks included)

RSVP by 3/15 to Nicole Myers at nicolemye@gmail.com

Spring Seasonal Celebration – March 23, 2019


We invite you to celebrate the beginning of the Spring Season.

Meditation – Nature walks – Ceremonies

Potluck lunch — please bring something to share.  Dessert, cookies, coffee and tea will be served.


11am – 5pm at Hudson Valley Park of Study & Reflection

1170 Rte 213, Esopus, New York

RSVP and info:  Yolanda Andersson. yolandaandersson@gmail.com

suggested donation: $12



Beyond Revenge: The Road to Reconciliation — workshop

Join us for a participatory workshop that explores how vengeance became rooted in our culture and how getting beyond revenge requires finding new, nonviolent responses to social and interpersonal conflict.

Using selected clips from the 2016 documentary “Beyond Revenge” and incorporating personal reflection and small group discussion, the workshop will explore how the concept of revenge has become a bedrock of our judicial system, our cultural myths, and even our daily lives. Recognizing how we are all affected by vengeance is the first step towards identifying new responses that break us out of its circular trap and open our future.

Saturday, February 9, 2019, 11 AM to 5 PM
Hudson Valley Park of Study & Reflection
1170 Route 213, Kingston NY 12401
Suggested donation: $20 (includes lunch)

Organized by The Community for Human Development

New Year’s Resolutions Retreat, January 12

To integrate the past year, and to project a clear image towards the future in the form of a one-year plan, so that we can give greater direction and meaning to our lives and to our actions.


Saturday, January 12, 2019

from 11am to 5pm

Suggested Donation: $20 (includes lunch)

Organized by Queens Messengers and the Community for Human Development



Fall Seasonal Celebration – Saturday, Sept. 22nd

We invite you to celebrate the beginning of the Fall Season.

Meditation – Nature walks – Ceremonies

Donation ($20 usage and BBQ + vegetarian)