You are invited to the Award Annoucement and a Celebration for our AIA Film!

We are hoping to receive the “AIA 2020 Film Challenge People Choice Award” for the mini-documentary “A Beacon of Light in Times of Crisis” we submitted, about the construction of our Meditation Hall.
AIA will announce the winners on Wednesday Oct 21 at 6PM NY Time (Zoom event online) and we will have a post award celebration  on Sunday Oct 25 at 2PM NY Time (Zoom event online).
AIA is the American Institute of Architects.


During the LIVE ceremony, AIA will announce the winning films.
We are hoping to receive the “AIA 2020 People Choice Award”, as we got the most votes with 25274 votes..
When: Wednesday 10/21, 6PM EDT. 
Register to find out if we won! You won’t want to miss out.


We are hoping that everyone, who was connected to the film campaign in the last few weeks, will join us in celebration. 
When: Sunday 10/25, 2PM EDT. 
Please register with Zoom to the event prior to 10/25. 

Program will include:
•Musical and spoken word performances
•Visual art
•Update on the HVP Sala construction
•Celebration of our global achievement of getting 25,274 votes with 110,182 views of our film in just a few weeks.  
•An update on our GFM campaign to raise funds to build the foundation and dome of the Sala. We’ve done well and only need $20,000. We are so close!

The fundraising portion to raise $20,000 is simple, and we are proposing to ask our supporters to help us close the funding gap in several ways:

1) Pledge $1,000, a 50% match to the AIA challenge
2) Pledge $500, a 25% match to the AIA challenge
3) Pledge to conduct a workshop on Asking, coordinated by HVP
4) Pledge to do a daily Asking in support of HVP for the next 3 weeks

If you would like to participate in our fundraising, we suggest any Askings, workshops or collection of funds can be coordinated by country or in groups of people from each park/region. 

Please join us for a celebration of “Beacon of Light!”