Votes for the Meditation Hall Video Pass 10,000 today! How to keep our 1st Place:

How did it happen?
The voting for the video has become a very strong support for the Meditation Hall

The votes came by the 10s, by the 100s but now we are at 10,000 votes and still fighting to win the AIA film challenge.
It would be difficult to explain such support if the voting was just for the Video alone.  Rather it has become a show of support for the Meditation Hall/Sala and the Parks. Not only for Hudson Valley Park, but for the Meditation Halls all over the world.  

Suddenly it was not only support from all over the world, but people organizing their friends to vote. As Silvia A. from Argentina says, “What is happening to me with this wholehearted commitment I have for the Sala at Hudson Valley Park?  With this possibility of voting that has opened up — which has a much more profound connotation for me than a simple vote.  I feel it like an internal vote.  I make votes so this project is fulfilled. As I make votes …  It gets me more inspired and I love this project each time more.”

This is also is a great for the support of our fundraising campaign. (which you can support here)

How you can add your votes too:

The idea is to vote more that once but many times per day (AIA encourages people to vote often,  maximum — which is the best 😉 — is every hour.

Here is the link to vote: after you login with Linkedin, Facebook or Twitter: