Spiritual Camping and Craft of Fire Workshop – August 4 –6, 2017

This is a special weekend organized twice a year (July and August).  It combines the relaxed and fun activities of camping (some prefer to stay indoors at our retreat center) and being in nature with spiritual experiences.  The weekend opens on Friday at 4pm for those who want to arrive early but people can arrive later.

This weekend will feature the Craft of Fire Workshop which is being given by Alejo Tosar who is visiting from Argentina and brings with him many years of experience and knowledge.  This is an amazing workshop which will carry us back to ancient times, before the human was able to create fire.

Craft of Fire Workshop – Connecting with our origins

Since the beginning of times, the evolution of the human being was guided by fire.  When the human being began to utilize fire, it produced a new historical moment marked by the great act of going against the instinct of preservation.

We’ll carry out the fire workshop trying to connect with this historic intention.  We will also look for 3 qualities: tone, care and permanence, which help generate the best conditions for internal and group work.

The workshop consists of three parts. First, the preservation of fire in clay vessels that we will make digging up the clay near the stream.  Later we will transfer the fire to “ovens” which we’ll also build.  Finally, we will work on producing fire, using stones and pyrite.

This will be our 3rd year and it’s always full of surprises and inspiring experiences.

If you are:

– interested in spiritual growth (as a beginner or deepening your process).

– love spending time in nature

– feel the importance of meditating and being connected to one’s deeper self

– like being in a friendly community with meaningful conversations

– enjoy healthy food, s’mores and more.

There will be plenty of time to enjoy nature. The Hudson Valley Park is a gorgeous 5-acre site with a retreat center, an open meadow, winding paths in the forest, stream and waterfall, a sacred fountain, workshop building and more.  www.hudsonvalleypark.org


Accommodations: The Hudson Valley Park has a retreat center with a main room, fully equipped kitchen, library, meditation room, 4 bedrooms and two bathrooms. There is a large meadow for the camping.

Sleep under the stars or in the retreat center:

The retreat center:  For those who prefer to sleep under a roof, the center has accommodation for 10-12 people.

Tents: Bring your tent and gear and set up in the beautiful meadow at the Hudson Valley Park.  Showers and hot water are available in the house.


Food:  We love eating well and healthy.  Breakfast and lunch will be buffet style and dinner will be a shared common meal.  Be prepared to pitch in and help cook/serve/clean.



Cost: $80, includes 2 nights and meals (our cook is amazing).  An added $10 fee for materials for the  Craft of Fire Workshop.

RSVP is required with a $40 deposit (via paypal or check). A refund will be given if cancellation occurs by July 15. The remainder to be paid upon arrival.

After you RSVP, one of our organizers will get in touch with you to find out the time of your arrival, special needs, etc.

If you have any questions, please write to nicolemye@gmail.com or call 917-609-8029.  Also visit www.hudsonvalleypark.org



The Hudson Valley Park is 90 miles north of NYC.

– For carpooling: If you are looking to carpool, people are encouraged to organize among themselves via the comments on this meetup page. Or if you plan to drive, let people know from where and how many passengers.  Gas and tolls are shared (suggested $20 round trip to the driver).

– For driving directions: click here

– Public Transportation: Adirondack Trailways has frequent buses going to Kingston from the Port Authority in Manhattan. For info click here. Arrangements can be made to pick you up at the Kingston Bus Station or you can take a taxi, It’s about 4 miles to the Hudson Valley Park.  Please get in contact with us.

Other important details

–Bring your own linen (twin-size sheets, pillowcase and towel).

–Hudson Valley Park is an alcohol- and drug-free environment