Spiritual Camping 2015

Last summer, we hosted “Spiritual Camping” at the Hudson Valley Park of Study and Reflection  from Friday, July 10 –  Sunday July 19th.  We had a great experience and are planning to repeat it this summer.  New dates to come soon.

See photos here.

Who is this program for?

– If you are looking for a spiritual getaway;

– if you enjoy being part of a friendly community atmosphere spending quality time with like-minded people;

– if you feel renewed and inspired by nature;

– if you wish to begin or deepen your spiritual path and spend time learning and reflecting;

– if you are flexible, spontaneous and willing to experience something new;

then this event could be for you…

Activities: Each day we have meditation sessions in the morning and the evening.  Additionally, you can choose to participate in a variety of interesting workshops/discussions which take place on different days around the theme of spirituality and personal growth –– such as meaning of life, developing our internal energy, reconciliation, sexuality and the sacred, Consciousness and Desire, The Principles of Valid Action.  Practices and studies are based on Silo’s Message which places importance on direct and personal  experience.  (More info on Pages and About Us

For 2015 program click here.

For more info: http://www.meetup.com/Spirituality-Nature-Meetup-Day-trips-out-of-NYC/events/223229162/