Silo’s Message Activities

Silo's Message Activities

Hudson Valley Park is an inspiring place for the study, meditation, and reflection on Silo’s Message. Friends, neighbors and family come together in communities that regularly organize seminars, retreats, and gatherings at the Park. The goal of these activities is to promote the free interpretation and personal experience of the spiritual teachings of Silo. Listings can be found in the Events menu.

Examples of the themes addressed in the seminars and retreats are the Configuration of one’s Internal Guide, The Force I and II, Reconciliation, Profound and Essential Change, and The Asking. Some of the formative themes include: The Healing of Suffering, Failure, Reconciliation, Faith, Transcendence, Unity and Contradiction.

Silo’s Message, Commentaries on Silo’s Message and The Manual of Formative Themes and Practices for Messengers are an essential support for those who wish to study and deepen their spiritual experience.  The books can be purchased online at Latitude Press or Amazon.

For information about Silo’s Message Communities in North America, Europe, Africa and Asia, please go to

Clip from Silo: Sage of the Andes a film by Daniel Zuckerbrot, produced by Reel Time Images (

The Experience, an interview with Silo by Daniel Zuckerbrot, produced by Reel Time Images (  English sub-titles.