International Fundraising Campaign in Support of the Hudson Valley Park of Study and Reflection

Become a protagonist and help us build the first Sala in the US, near New York City.

After 8 years of process, on January 2019 the Town of Esopus approved the change of use of the Hudson Valley Park of Study and Reflection from residential to educational non-profit. This allows us to complete the Park, including the Sala.

Since we bought the property in 2010, we have been transforming it into the Park we envision. The existing house became the Center of Work. The hills and wooded areas serve as places of contemplation. A workshop provides “hands-on” experiential activities. Sacred architectural elements common to all Parks have been built including the stele and the fountain.

Now we are just a few steps away from completing our Park with the construction of the Sala; a monolith connecting the earth to the sky; and doing the necessary renovations that will make the Center of Work accessible and operational.

We are happy that Hudson Valley Park will soon fulfill its destiny as a geo-historical park whose beacon can shine far and wide.

Construction Phases:

  • Phase I:  Septic system (video), drainage system, parking area (May – July 2019)
  • Phase II: Bringing existing building to code; monolith (July – October 2019)
  • Phase III: Construction of Sala (early 2020)

With these additions, we will be prepared to inaugurate the Park on June 2020.

Financing Phases:
Our total goal to is $250,000 which we have broken down into several phases.

  • Phase 1: financial campaign successfully completed ($80,000).
  • Phase 2: International Campaign: $40K (beginning May 2019)
  • Phase 3: Crowdfunding campaign IN US for 25K
  • Phase 4: Jan – March 2020:  $40K international and $40K national campaign

Friends old and new will make this possible through your contributions and efforts.


Donations can be sent in cash or transferred to a dedicated account. In both cases please write to Emiko Nagano to let her know about your donation.

Donate with PayPal. Thanks for your support!


The complete list of contributors will be engraved on the stele (quota of $500).

Today, we invite you to become part of the ever-unfolding story of the Hudson Valley Park