Hudson Valley Park

Hudson Valley Park

One of 50 Parks of Study and Reflection that exist around the world, Hudson Valley Park is a sacred space dedicated to the search for profound inspiration and the teaching and learning of nonviolence.

Hudson Valley Park is open to local, national, and international visitors of all ages, beliefs, and traditions. Those who visit do so to study, meditate, and connect with others in an atmosphere of inclusion, kindness and well-being.

Since its founding in 2010, the Park has been the site of a wide range of activities that volunteers organize year-round. These activities include family-friendly gatherings, guided tours and celebrations. The Park also hosts personal retreats, seminars, and workshops on a range of topics, including Silo’s MessageNew Humanism, and the Craft of Fire and the Craft of  Perfumery. 

Hudson Valley Park, like all Parks of Study and Reflection, is inspired by the teachings and work of Silo.

Located in the picturesque Hudson River Valley, near Kingston and New Paltz in Upstate New York, the Park’s five acres of forests, paths and meadows invite visitors to take part in activities and connect with nature. 

Hudson Valley Park is run by a non-profit organization 501(c)(3) with day-to-day operations carried out by a Commission of volunteers.

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