Help us Build a “Beacon of Light” – August 30

UPDATE: On August 24, we “proudly” submitted our video for the AIA 2020 Film Challenge.  The goal of this contest presented by the AIA (American Institute of Architects) is to show how the architecture of a building can help people. We had to show through a short video (90 seconds) how our building — the Meditation Hall/Sala — will achieve this goal to be a “Beacon of Light”. We hope you will enjoy the video (below), that was submitted. Many thanks to all those involved in this project. Please see and share/support our Gofund me Campaign. Please see information below.

We started this GoFundMe Charity so we could raise the $80k that is still needed to complete the construction of the Hall

Please share this on your social networks, and donate generously so this vision may become a reality for the community, and for you.

Some will know the Hudson Valley Park as a refuge from daily life, inducing tranquility and providing a deep connection to nature. Others will learn about human consciousness, nonviolence and nondiscrimination. Many will experience the sacred within us and around us. In all cases, the Park is a place of inspiration and growth, of building communities and looking towards a human future and we cannot wait to invite you to experience the new Meditation Hall!