Grounds Committee

In charge of everything outside the house. Responsibilities include: landscaping; creating and maintaining paths; fountain maintenance; park lighting; coordinating snow removal and cutting of the grass; planting and maintenance of garden beds and lawn drainage.
Contact: Amanuel Zelellow

Construction & Maintenance Committee

Responsible for any new or existing construction plus the maintenance of the Center and workshop including any repairs or improvements (minor or major), contact with contractors; buying building supplies and maintaining tool room; workshop.

Housekeeping Subcommittee:  Buying cleaning and house supplies: arranging for clean bedding and towels; replacing/restoring furniture, interior painting, deck upkeep and making sure the Center is in the best conditions to receive guests.
Contact: Nicole Myers

Finance Committee

This function is in charge of keeping track of the economic resources, creating and maintaining the budget, collecting the monies from the activities, etc.

Fundraising Subcommittee: Responsibilities include organizing special fundraising events (such as the Annual Holiday Auction) and campaigns to cover expenses and raise money for future projects; coordinating commitments of monthly payments.
Contact: Emiko Nagano

Communications & Reservations Committee

Responsible for website (design and content), producing audio-visual materials (photos and videos), internal and external communication, getting out information (activities at the Park, info about other Parks, etc).  Coordinating and distributing invitations to gatherings, announcing and publicizing events.

Contact: Jean-Marc Grambert

Park Reservations Subcommittee:

Coordinating scheduling of park use and communicating that to the commission, members.  For park reservations:
Contact: Patricia Rios