Celebrations and Gatherings

Celebrations and Gatherings

A number of celebrations give Park visitors, volunteers, and friends a chance to share a day at the Park in a family-friendly and kids-friendly atmosphere.

A Day of Reflection & Celebration


This annual event takes place every year on May 4th (or the closest weekend) and commemorates “The Healing of Suffering,” Silo’s first public speech given in 1969. A day of sharing food, ceremonies, and personal testimonies inspired by the life and works of Silo.

Hudson Valley Park June Anniversary Event


The Hudson Valley Park’s Annual Event takes place every year on June 21 (or the closest weekend) in an expression of gratitude to the friends, volunteers and supporters of the Park. The day includes tours of the Park, ceremonies, and a community BBQ/potluck.  This date coincides with the Summer Seasonal Celebration and commemorates the date when Hudson Valley Park was founded – June 21, 2010.

Seasonal Gatherings


Seasonal Gatherings take place every solstice and equinox and are dedicated to celebrating the change of seasons. These events are social and spiritual with shared meals, ceremonies, hiking and discussions.  A perfect time to take a pause and enjoy the best of all worlds: nature, spirituality, meditation and meeting like-minded people.