Help us Build a “Beacon of Light” – August 30

UPDATE: On August 24, we “proudly” submitted our video for the AIA 2020 Film Challenge.  The goal of this contest presented by the AIA (American Institute of Architects) is to show how the architecture of a building can help people. We had to show through a short video (90 seconds) how our building — the Meditation Hall/Sala — will achieve this goal to be a “Beacon of Light”. We hope you will enjoy the video (below), that was submitted. Many thanks to all those involved in this project. Please see and share/support our Gofund me Campaign. Please see information below.

We started this GoFundMe Charity so we could raise the $80k that is still needed to complete the construction of the Hall

Please share this on your social networks, and donate generously so this vision may become a reality for the community, and for you.

Some will know the Hudson Valley Park as a refuge from daily life, inducing tranquility and providing a deep connection to nature. Others will learn about human consciousness, nonviolence and nondiscrimination. Many will experience the sacred within us and around us. In all cases, the Park is a place of inspiration and growth, of building communities and looking towards a human future and we cannot wait to invite you to experience the new Meditation Hall!

International Fundraising Campaign in Support of the Hudson Valley Park of Study and Reflection

Become a protagonist and help us build the first Meditation Pavilion in the US, near New York City.

After 3 years of process, on January 2019 the Town of Esopus approved the “change of use” of the Hudson Valley Park of Study and Reflection from residential to educational non-profit. This allows us to complete the Park, including the Meditation Pavilion.

Since we bought the property in 2010, we have been transforming it into the Park we envision. The existing house became the Center of Work. The hills and wooded areas serve as places of contemplation. A workshop provides “hands-on” experiential activities. Sacred architectural elements common to all Parks of Study & Reflection have been built including the stele and the fountain.

In 2010 we completed all the necessary renovations that make the Center of Work completely operational.  All of the drainage and septic work has also been done (See Renovations 2019).

Now we are just a few steps away from completing our Park with the construction of the Meditation Pavilion and the monolith connecting the earth to the sky.

We are happy that Hudson Valley Park will soon fulfill its destiny as a geo-historical park whose beacon can shine far and wide.

Construction Phases:

  • Phase I:  Septic system (video), drainage system, parking area (May – July 2019). COMPLETED
  • Phase II: Bringing existing building to code; monolith (July – October 2019). COMPLETED
  • Phase III: Construction of Meditation Pavilion (summer 2020)

Friends old and new will make this possible through your contributions and efforts.


Donations can be sent in cash or transferred to a dedicated account. In both cases please write to Emiko Nagano to let her know about your donation.

Donate with PayPal. Thanks for your support!


The complete list of contributors will be engraved on the stele (quota of $500).

Today, we invite you to become part of the ever-unfolding story of the Hudson Valley Park

NYC Walk-A-Thon for Nonviolence in support of Hudson Valley Park

WHEN: Sunday, April 8th from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM

WHERE: 12 miles through Manhattan, beginning at Battery Park and ending at Riverside Church, site of Martin Luther King,Jr.’s “Beyond Vietnam” speech on April 4, 1967. See landmarks’ stops and the map of the walk.

WHY: 50 years ago, on April 4, 1968, King was killed by an assassin’s bullet in Memphis. We walk today to honor his memory, and that of the many individuals, peoples, and movements who have embraced nonviolence as a foundational principle for life. We walk to express our own commitment to nonviolence as a daily practice and our rejection of all forms of violence & discrimination. We walk to raise money for Hudson Valley Park, a center dedicated to the study & teaching of nonviolence.

HOW: As we walk through the streets of Manhattan, we will pass by key nonviolence landmarks of the city. We will stop at some points to reflect, do a ceremony, sing a song, or listen to an inspiring reading. People are invited to walk the full route or join us for part of the walk.

CO-SPONSORS: The Community for Human Development; Pangea East; Communities of Silo’s Message (NYC); Pax Christi Metro; Southern Poverty Law Center on Campus (Columbia University chapter); Pressenza, Code Pink: Women for Peace (list in formation).


FLYERNV Walk Invitation One Page V2b-1

Route of walk with heritage points: walk-a-thon route/

2016 Holiday Auction, Bazaar & Reception

Get ready for our 7th Annual Auction, Bazaar & Reception on Tuesday December 13.  This year we have added on the “Bazaar” featuring handmade items, including Amanuel’s famous artisanal soap and Mike and Emiko’s candy creations.


Meet up with old friends, make new ones, enjoy the refreshments (homemade goodies) and find some unique and fantastic gift items and self-indulgences. Above all you will be supporting a great cause — the magnificent Hudson Valley Park where you get truly get away from it all and find peace, inspiration and spiritual renewal.

Buy your ticket online here.  ($20 in advance/$25 at the door). The ticket is dual purpose.  It’s your entrance and each ticket is entered into a raffle — this year’s prize is an iPad Air 2.  So whether or not you can attend, you can still show your support and have a chance to win an iPad Air 2.

Get more info here:

photos from 2015


NEW:  photos from 2016

6th Annual Auction & Holiday Reception in support of Hudson Valley Park

Thank you all for your support of this year’s auction, the donations, the food, the ad sales, and the ticket sales, especially in the last week. It was a lovely event and we raised more than $6000 for our Park!

This year’s event was held on December 9th and we had a great new location: the LGBT Community Center on West 13th Street in Greenwich Village.

The Auction Committee
Aman, Emiko, David, Chris, Mark & Dennis