Progress of building the Meditation Hall

Week 3: What happened this week (Meditation Hall Movie)

This movie shows the photos and clips of this week, showing how the construction is moving forward. Foam has been sprayed for insulation.  The rebars are being attached to the walls by sheer force or…  dexterity. The dedication of the workers is amazing as well as their friendly spirit.
Original music by Florent Delaunay.  “Mon Dieu, c’est plein d’├ętoiles!”

Construction of Meditation Hall: About to begin!

No this is not the real crew but the professional team will start the construction of the dome of the meditation hall starting this week.

A lot of work was put into preparing the land and now the Hudson Valley Park is ready to receive the crew from South Industry to build the dome, central piece of our Meditation Hall!

We will keep you posted on the progression of the building.

Update Meditation Hall Construction (Aug 21)

Last week some of us went to the Park to film for a video we are submitting to the AIA video contest. AIA is the American Institute of Architects.

The first video clip (above) shows how BEAUTIFUL our Park still is, despite all the construction. It shows a general panning for the Center of Work to the space (with lots of gravel!) where the Hall will be.

You can even see our friend Amanuel (from the landscape committee) working hard as usual!

The second video )below) shows the progress of the Meditation Hall construction site. It shows the space where the Meditation Hall will be and where a crew has been working to flatten and compact the ground where the building will be constructed.