Preparing the Park to Open

Enjoy the Video! 
On July 17th, volunteers continue to repair part of the Park structure to be able to pass the “Certificate of Occupation”. It was a hot day but with a very good atmosphere!

Work moving ahead around the Meditation Hall

Some good news: Last week work around the Meditation Hall really moved ahead to create 1) the turnaround for a fire truck  (bottom left photo) and 2) a public parking (bottom right photo)

Quite a bit of work… The turnaround will also create a nice plaza near the meditation hall! 
The walls around the Meditation Hall will come later.

Kids represent our future and they are truly inspiring to all of us

How do the younger generations experience a Meditation Hall? With their drawings and testimonies, they let us know in their own words, in this delightful video created by Vania and Ale during the Film Challenge contest (In Spanish, with translation in English).

As Violeta  says “it is like you are in a place where the world is expanding, so it feels good …/… I have a feeling of peace that reaches me deeply”

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Fall Season at the Hudson Valley Park

The Hudson Valley Park of Study and Reflection is still closed to the public because of Covid 19 but we could not resist to show you the beauty of the Fall season at the Park.