Getting the Park Ready!

Thank you Yolanda and Maureen for the  “Spring Clening”, to make our park ready for our May 8 event, when we will be able to welcome some at the Park (even with the Covid restrictions still in place.)

7-Days of Asking Program

A step-by-step process learning to Ask deeply: for ourselves, our loved ones, to move away from contradiction, to thank, to reconcile with ourselves and others, for internal unity, for what we truly need.   
Presentation: April 4, 12 noon New York time via zoom.  Introduction to the gift of Asking, how the program works, practice, interchange and recommendations before beginning.
Experiences with the Asking
Whether you are new to the Asking or have been practicing for years, people have been expressing how much it’s been helping them.
“The Asking felt like oxygen to my body and my mind.” (Krisztina)
“The 7-days was a very beautiful experience. From the moment I connected with my inner self, I was able to truly help my loved ones.” (Maria)
“When I was feeling trapped and in deep need of a way out, the Asking opened possibilities for me and made me feel that I can trust the future.” (Rosa)

The three group meetings complement the 7-Days of Asking and provide a rich learning experience of support in an atmosphere of community spirit.  Since our groups are international, we chose Sundays to take into account time zones and working schedules to facilitate participation. This leaves ample time before and after to prepare and synthesize the experience.

Website/More Info:

A Series of Workshops: “Internal Tools for Today’s World”

– How do we better align,  how we act with how we think and feel?
– How do we center ourselves in moments of confusion or crisis?
– How do we learn to think well and prioritize when we need to make important decisions (be less reactive and more intentional)?

In moments like the present of difficulty or uncertainty, it becomes important to develop tools that help us to strengthen our own center of gravity. These tools help to develop a reference that is more internal, and makes our own well-being less reliant on outside situations or the actions of others. These tools will help you to understand what actions and beliefs feels coherent for you, and why -– and, conversely, what actions and beliefs produce suffering and why. When we understand the root of our conflicts and tensions, we are better able to modify those behaviors that cause us to suffer, and in turn help others to overcome their suffering.

This is a free series of six online workshops based on the works of New Humanism. Each workshop will provide a framework and a set of tools/techniques that are useful for understanding oneself better and for generating a new attitude toward life, one based on the sensation of coherence or internal unity.

Attendance at each workshop is requested. A new series will begin on Wednesday, January 13 at 7:30 pm EST.

For more information or to register, please write to Dennis at

Kids represent our future and they are truly inspiring to all of us

How do the younger generations experience a Meditation Hall? With their drawings and testimonies, they let us know in their own words, in this delightful video created by Vania and Ale during the Film Challenge contest (In Spanish, with translation in English).

As Violeta  says “it is like you are in a place where the world is expanding, so it feels good …/… I have a feeling of peace that reaches me deeply”

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Les invitamos por una Celabracion por el Premio: “AIA 2020 Popular Choice Film Award”

Esperamos que todos los que estuvieron conectados a la campaña cinematográfica en las últimas semanas se unan a nosotros en la celebración.
Cuándo: Domingo 25/10, 2 p.m. hora New York. (15 hr Punta de Vacas)
Regístrese con Zoom para el evento antes del 25/10:

El programa incluirá:
• Presentación como se pudo logro global de obtener 25,274 votos con 110,182 vistas de nuestra película en solo unas pocas semanas.
• Actuaciones musicales y de palabra hablada
•Arte visual
• Actualización sobre la construcción de HVP Sala
• Ceremonias
• Celebración de nuestro 
• Una actualización de nuestra campaña GFM para recaudar fondos para construir los cimientos y la cúpula de la Sala. Lo hemos hecho bien y solo necesitamos 20.000 dólares. ¡Estamos tan cerca!

La parte de recaudación de fondos para recaudar $ 20,000 es simple, y proponemos pedirles a nuestros seguidores que nos ayuden a cerrar la brecha de financiamiento de varias maneras:

1) Contribuir $ 1,000, un 50% de contribución al desafío AIA
2) Contribuir $ 500, un 25% del desafío AIA
3) Compromiso de realizar un taller sobre Pedir, coordinado por HVP
4) Comprometerse a hacer un pedido diario en apoyo de HVP durante las próximas 3 semanas

Si desea participar en nuestra recaudación de fondos, sugerimos que cualquier Solicitud, taller o recolección de fondos se pueda coordinar por país o en grupos de personas de cada parque / región.

¡Únase a nosotros para la celebración de “Beacon of Light!” (Faros de Luz)