Video from the Park on our 2022 Spring Zoom Seasonal

A wonderful atmosphere for our Spring Seasonal this Sunday March 20th, promoting a new future for humanity.Some of us were at the Park checking the construction of our Meditation Hall.
We celebrated the Spring and also our friend Yolanda’s birthday! We took some photos and made a video of the event. Spring has always been a special time of renewal.

Spring Seasonal 2022! Promoting a new future for humanity!

Spring Seasonal 2022! 
Sunday, March 20th, at 11:30 am
Let’s celebrate our ideas and our community, promoting a new future for humanity!
(see zoom link below)

11:30 – 12:00 PM Greetings and Social Coffee
12:00 – 12:30 PM Ceremonies
12:30 – 01:15 PM Our project in the present moment

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Week 4: The Dome: The acoustics are remarkable. The space feels inviting

The last week of building the dome — a huge milestone. Several layers of shot of concrete are sprayed on the walls, which now have several inches of foam and concrete.  The acoustics are remarkable.  The space feels inviting, embracing, intimate (depending on who you talk to).  The floor, doors and walls still need to be added but the dome is already beginning to fulfill its purpose as a beacon of light.

Week 3: What happened this week (Meditation Hall Movie)

This movie shows the photos and clips of this week, showing how the construction is moving forward. Foam has been sprayed for insulation.  The rebars are being attached to the walls by sheer force or…  dexterity. The dedication of the workers is amazing as well as their friendly spirit.
Original music by Florent Delaunay.  “Mon Dieu, c’est plein d’étoiles!”