Jean-Marc Grambert

Week 4: The Dome: The acoustics are remarkable. The space feels inviting

The last week of building the dome — a huge milestone. Several layers of shot of concrete are sprayed on the walls, which now have several inches of foam and concrete.  The acoustics are remarkable.  The space feels inviting, embracing, intimate (depending on who you talk to).  The floor, doors and walls still need to be added but the dome is already beginning to fulfill its purpose as a beacon of light.

Week 3: What happened this week (Meditation Hall Movie)

This movie shows the photos and clips of this week, showing how the construction is moving forward. Foam has been sprayed for insulation.  The rebars are being attached to the walls by sheer force or…  dexterity. The dedication of the workers is amazing as well as their friendly spirit.
Original music by Florent Delaunay.  “Mon Dieu, c’est plein d’étoiles!”

The Dome: A movie that shows its unique/unusual construction.

For those who were wondering why a shell first?
The Dome explained from the point of view of its unique Building process…
The ongoing construction of the Meditation Hall in its second week. This movie show from outside and inside its unique building process that start with a shell. Excerpt from movie: The shell of the dome was attached and inflated (seen from outside and inside). Next steps will be to spray foam on the inside walls for insulation, then spray concrete embedded with rebar to build the sphere shape of the dome.  A volunteer architect was onsite to help

Week 2: Meditation Hall: Shell Inflated!

An amazing unique process…  An inflatable shell which will be the template to pour the inside walls of the dome of the Meditation Hall  arrived from Texas and was inflated this past week. The shell will also be used as waterproofing for the dome. We were impressed how beautiful the Dome of the Meditation Hall look!