A Series of Workshops: “Internal Tools for Today’s World”

– How do we better align,  how we act with how we think and feel?
– How do we center ourselves in moments of confusion or crisis?
– How do we learn to think well and prioritize when we need to make important decisions (be less reactive and more intentional)?

In moments like the present of difficulty or uncertainty, it becomes important to develop tools that help us to strengthen our own center of gravity. These tools help to develop a reference that is more internal, and makes our own well-being less reliant on outside situations or the actions of others. These tools will help you to understand what actions and beliefs feels coherent for you, and why -– and, conversely, what actions and beliefs produce suffering and why. When we understand the root of our conflicts and tensions, we are better able to modify those behaviors that cause us to suffer, and in turn help others to overcome their suffering.

This is a free series of six online workshops based on the works of New Humanism. Each workshop will provide a framework and a set of tools/techniques that are useful for understanding oneself better and for generating a new attitude toward life, one based on the sensation of coherence or internal unity.

Attendance at each workshop is requested. A new series will begin on Wednesday, January 13 at 7:30 pm EST.

For more information or to register, please write to Dennis at dennisredmond@gmail.com