A “New Solidarity” Is Happening? And You Can Support It with your Vote…

We are living in a profound crisis...

The video on the Meditation Hall  we submitted for the 2020 AIA Film Challenge began with these words “We are living in a profound crisis…”  and  it continues by showing and telling how people by unburdening their minds they can release their spirit and their own humanity.

It seems that when we are able to do that (to unburden our mind) we may be on a path to see new possibilities of connection with ourselves and others and a “New Solidarity” among people starts to occur.

Lately more that 100 friends around the world have been voting many times for the video. The video (link below) has been getting 8000+ votes and 30000+ views. It is a sign that the Meditation Hall resonates with people.

You can join them and vote as many times as each hour is a sign of support, making sure also the Meditation Hall wins the AIA Film “Popular Choice” Challenge. This is the link: https://aiafilmchallenge.org/2020-film-challenge/?contest=video-detail&video_id=2706


PS. AIA is the American Institute of Architects