Month: June 2021

Happy Summer 2021, 11 years Anniversary!

You are invited to our “Happy Summer 2021”: After a challenging year, we are happy to celebrate our 11th year Anniversary! (on Zoom and fully vaccinated individuals can choose to attend in person).
We are all trying to give answers to the present moment, at a personal and social level. We do need each other and more than ever a place like our Hudson Valley Park of Study and Reflection!
Come to celebrate, online or in person.

11:30 – 12:00 PM Greetings and Social Coffee
12:00 – 12:30 PM Ceremonies
12:30 – 01:15 PM Our project in the present moment
01:15 – 02:00 PM Potluck Brunch for in-person attendees 
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Connecting with Oneself through The Heart… “The Asking” Program starts in 3 days

The 7-Days of Asking in English is offering a new session in English. This session will be presented by Marita, from Schlamau Park(Germany) and Rita from Mikebuda Park (Hungary). The Introduction will be held this Sunday, June 6 at noon, New York timeThis Sunday  will present the gift of Asking, how the program works, do a practice, and interchange. 
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The 7-Days of Asking program helps us deepen our experience with the experience of the Asking by awakening the heart in a step-by-step process. Many people have said it has been a way to connect with oneself, to find what one truly needs and how it could be fulfilled. Through 7 days, we learn to connect through the Heart and we ask for ourselves, our loved ones, to move away from contradiction, to thank, to reconcile with ourselves and others, and for internal unity