Month: September 2020

A wave of international support

The AIA Film Challenge has created an enormous wave of international support for the construction of the Meditation Hall at Hudson Valley Park. In addition to voting (our video holds first place with 17600 votes), friends are expressing their best wishes in a variety of ways.
We are receiving drawings


brief video messages

and personal testimonies. Ceremonies are being organized in other parks, in little halls and in virtual spaces all over the world, from Italy to Brazil, from Hungary to Argentina and Japan.

News about this wonderful international cooperation is collected and shared on a blog site.

Votes for the Meditation Hall Video Pass 10,000 today! How to keep our 1st Place:

How did it happen?
The voting for the video has become a very strong support for the Meditation Hall

The votes came by the 10s, by the 100s but now we are at 10,000 votes and still fighting to win the AIA film challenge.
It would be difficult to explain such support if the voting was just for the Video alone.  Rather it has become a show of support for the Meditation Hall/Sala and the Parks. Not only for Hudson Valley Park, but for the Meditation Halls all over the world.  

Suddenly it was not only support from all over the world, but people organizing their friends to vote. As Silvia A. from Argentina says, “What is happening to me with this wholehearted commitment I have for the Sala at Hudson Valley Park?  With this possibility of voting that has opened up — which has a much more profound connotation for me than a simple vote.  I feel it like an internal vote.  I make votes so this project is fulfilled. As I make votes …  It gets me more inspired and I love this project each time more.”

This is also is a great for the support of our fundraising campaign. (which you can support here)

How you can add your votes too:

The idea is to vote more that once but many times per day (AIA encourages people to vote often,  maximum — which is the best 😉 — is every hour.

Here is the link to vote: after you login with Linkedin, Facebook or Twitter:


A “New Solidarity” Is Happening? And You Can Support It with your Vote…

We are living in a profound crisis...

The video on the Meditation Hall  we submitted for the 2020 AIA Film Challenge began with these words “We are living in a profound crisis…”  and  it continues by showing and telling how people by unburdening their minds they can release their spirit and their own humanity.

It seems that when we are able to do that (to unburden our mind) we may be on a path to see new possibilities of connection with ourselves and others and a “New Solidarity” among people starts to occur.

Lately more that 100 friends around the world have been voting many times for the video. The video (link below) has been getting 8000+ votes and 30000+ views. It is a sign that the Meditation Hall resonates with people.

You can join them and vote as many times as each hour is a sign of support, making sure also the Meditation Hall wins the AIA Film “Popular Choice” Challenge. This is the link:


PS. AIA is the American Institute of Architects


Solidarity with California and all the West Coast

As support for our friends and everybody impacted by the fires we did a ceremony of well-being to ask for well-being but also for resolve to take steps to solve these environmental issues at their roots. It was an initiative or our friend Michael.

In these moments of isolation, fears and even division, we felt how powerful it can be when people come together in that direction of solidarity and human care for each other.

Vote and Keep us in the 1st Place to win the AIA Film Challenge! (American Institute of Architects)

Dear Friends,

Thanks to all your votes and support:  We are in 1st place to win the AIA People’s Choice Award! with the video we submitted for our Meditation Hall.

You can  log in with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc

Thank you for clicking on the link below to vote to keep us in the first place. You can add  a vote every hour and “together” to keep us in the first place … and enjoy the video!