Visiting the Park

Hudson Valley Park welcomes day and overnight visits all year-round. The Park can be visited Monday through Sunday with prior reservation through this website (email Patricia Rios: if there are any problems with the form).  Reservations may be made for the various spaces of the Park, such as the Center’s main room, the workshop, the library, etc. in order for multiple activities to take place simultaneously, when compatible.

The Park has running water, electricity, heating, and free WIFI. Day visitors and overnight visitors are asked to make a donation of $10 per day usage plus $10 when staying overnight towards the upkeep of the Park.

Unless other visitors have made a prior reservation, all visitors are free to use the Center’s two restrooms,  fully equipped kitchen, two  decks, library,  main room, and meditation room. They may also make use of the Park’s trails, outdoor meditation benches,  fountain, outlook, and other spaces. The workshop is reserved for individuals and groups working on the Crafts.

Maintaining an Atmosphere of Study and Reflection

Visitors are asked to be respectful of the activities of other visitors, who may be carrying out seminars, retreats or workshops at the time of their visit.  Children are welcome during social gatherings and celebrations and parents are asked to ensure their safety.

Sleeping at the Park

For those who wish to stay overnight, there are 3 bedrooms in the Center with a total of 9 beds.  Overnight visitors stay in shared bedrooms and make use of shared restrooms. Visitors must bring their own sheets, towels, and toiletries. In the event, a guest does not have  linen, a clean sets of sheets, with pillowcase and towel are available for $5. Blankets and pillows are provided.

Eating and Cooking at the Park

As the Park’s tap water should not be used for drinking, visitors will find a dispenser in the kitchen with spring water. The kitchen is fully equipped and is normally stocked with basics, such as salt, sugar, spices, oil, tea, coffee. Each group brings their own food, which may include vegetarian and non-vegetarian options depending on their needs.  There is a stove top, a microwave and NO oven. There is a gas BBQ on the back deck, as well as tables and chairs.

Visiting During Winter and Spring

International and out-of-state visitors should be aware that winters in upstate New York can be cold. The Park’s grounds can be snow-covered or muddy during winter and spring. Visitors are asked to bring a pair of indoor shoes and to access the house through the lower level, where wet jackets and shoes are stored. For your safety, remember to stay on the trails. As in the rest of the region, visitors should do a tick check after visiting the Park.

Visiting During Summer and Fall

Visitors should bring their own sunscreen and bug spray, if needed, and stay hydrated as summers in the state of New York can be hot and humid. Visitors may dip in the stream and make use of the various outdoor spaces for study, reflection and conversation. For your safety, remember to stay on the trails. As in the rest of the region, visitors should do a tick check after visiting the Park.


Whenever possible visitors are encouraged to use the parking area adjacent to the bridge to keep the Park car-free.


Access the request form for your staying at the Park, retreats or other activities


Review availability before booking.